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We believe that the level of sophistication necessary for appraisals and related services has increased significantly during recent years. This firm also believes that the key elements of a reliable value estimate are thorough research and in-depth analysis of multi-tiered markets. Members of this firm have developed strong client relationships through the fostering and understanding of the particular orientation and perspective of each client. Larry E. Dobbs, MAI is also aware that providing the report "on time" is, in most cases, of paramount importance. The principals of this firm offer proven performance in real estate valuation, analysis and consulting. Based on this foundation, Larry E. Dobbs, MAI develops strategies to maximize the market and economic performance of their clients' residential, commercial and industrial property.

To accomplish these objectives, the firm's focus is, and always will be, on the customer or final product. The unique contribution of this firm is "customer perspective."

Clients of Larry E. Dobbs, MAI benefit from the firm's ability to be:

  • Anonymous: protect the identity of the client

  • Confidential: maintain integrity and control of information

  • Fiduciary: act in the best interest of the client

  • Insightful: provide experienced marketing pespectives

  • Motivators: hasten the client's decision-making process

  • Objective: present an unbiased opinion

  • Responsive: provide rapid, personal response feedback

  • Specific: make measurable action recommendations

Office Buildings, Retail Centers, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Apartments

Farms, Ranches, Day Care Centers, Nursing Homes Manufacturing, Warehouse, Mini Warehouse, Showroom, Tech Residential, Homes, Equity Loans, Mortgage, Divorce, Relocation, Estate Condominium, Insurance, Duplex, Subdivision, Manufactured Home Golf Courses, Marinas, Churches, Recreational Facilities, Estate Settlement Church, Nursing Homes, Desk Review, Appraisal for Sale of Purchase

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